Title: 單戀雙城 / Dan Luen Seung Seng
English title: Outbound Love
Genre: Romance, Family, Life
Production Company: TVB
Broadcast Date: January 20, 2014 - February 14, 2014
Replacing: Return of the Silver Tongue 舌劍上的公堂

Ruco Chan
Aimee Chan
Lin Xia Wei
Tony Hung
Mat Yeung
Amy Fan
Samantha Ko
Elaine Yiu
Vivien Yeo
Elliot Yue
Helen Ma
Benz Hui

Ruco plays Luk Kung Ji, he's a Malaysian tour guide, loves to play and sweet talks, but his real job is a Hong Kong music producer. He fled to Malaysia because he broke up with girlfriend Hong Yi Kiu (Elaine Yiu), then met Law Sik Sik (Aimee Chan), who also fled to Malaysia because she broke up with her fiance Ching Jin Pok (Matt Yeung). Aimee becomes the head of the travel agency after going to Malaysia and meets Ruco there. They became a bickering couple and developed feelings, but Ruco still had a knot in his heart and so they were unable to develop further; Ching Jin Chan (Lin Xiawei) is a silly girl who easily falls in love. Because Ruco showed some care for her, she fell in love with him and later falls for dessert chef Chin Chun (Tony Hung) too. Since she loves desserts, she asked Tony to be her cooking teacher and later finds out he has a crush on Aimee. She captured it on video and used it to threaten Tony to fulfill 3 wishes for her; Tony and Aimee are best friends, like sisters, but Tony secretly loves her. He's a strict person and is a hardcore instructor to Lin Xiawei; Elaine is a singer-songwriter, dated Ruco before; Matt and Lin Xiawei are siblings, and Aimee's ex-fiance. In front of Aimee, he acts very loving and caring, but in fact he's a player. He cheated on her with Wong Kei Ying (Samantha Ko); Samantha was Aimee's good friend, but the intimate clips of her affair with Matt were exposed at Aimee and Matt's engagement party, the couple broke up instantly.

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