[4K-HDR] Tổng hợp Phim X-Men 4K.HDR.2160p.BDRip Eng Ita x265-NAHOM-Dị Nhân

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    [QUOTE = "tuankbas, post: 10067762, member: 1980206"]
    Synthesis of X-Men film
    [/ QUOTE]
    Great moves. But if it's possible to have better audio, the video bit-rate is good enough. The audio is just 320k (only half of the normal AC3 rate). Tried to mix with early version, but only X2 matched. I know it's waste time to upload whole movie again as no much person need it, but I'm just wondering if you can upload the better audio only (e.g. DTS). We can repack by ourselves.
    Thank you very much.
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