[MULTI] National Geographic Wild Africa's Wild Side S01 [2018] 1080i HDTV x264 AC3 Eng Sub

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    National Geographic Wild Africa's Wild Side S01 [2018] 1080i HDTV x264 AC3 Eng Sub
    The survival rituals of the charismatic creatures of Botswana are as mysterious, elaborate and varied as the animals themselves. Across the swamps, savannahs and deserts, animals have developed their own ingenious strategies to survive and further their bloodlines. From finding the best territories to creating the very land they call home, each creature has incredible tricks and skills to build the structures that keep them alive. Once their homes are secured, surviving in the wild becomes a race to mate. How you attract a partner - or keep one - is critical. Whether it be through mighty feats of strength; spreading the scent of attraction, or just by flaunting your best assets, every winner must stand out from the crowd. But nothing is fair in love and war, and everyone is out to find the best suitor. With everything to play for, those that are successful will get to raise a new family in the bush. Now, through teamwork, experience and cunning they will bring up baby in one of the most unforgiving wildernesses on earth - teaching them all the tactics and skills they will need to survive, from the day they are born. In this spectacular 3 part bluechip series, we witness the awe-inspiring strategies and dramatic behaviours of all creatures, great and small, as everyone does everything they can to survive the wild.

    Episodes List

    S01 E03 · Nature's Greatest Architects

    S01 E02 · Born to Survive
    S01 E01 · Battle of the Sexes

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    Complete name  : National Geographic Wild Africa's Wild Side\Africa's Wild Side S01E03 Nature's Greatest Architects.mkv
    Format  : Matroska
    Format version  : Version 4
    File size  : 2.72 GiB
    Duration  : 43 min 57 s
    Overall bit rate  : 8 860 kb/s
    Encoded date  : UTC 2019-02-02 16:02:23
    Writing application  : mkvmerge v30.1.0 ('Forever And More') 32-bit
    Writing library  : libebml v1.3.6 + libmatroska v1.4.9
    ID  : 1
    Format  : AVC
    Format/Info  : Advanced Video Codec
    Format profile  : High@L4
    Format settings  : CABAC / 4 Ref Frames
    Format settings, CABAC  : Yes
    Format settings, ReFrames  : 4 frames
    Codec ID  : V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC
    Duration  : 43 min 57 s
    Bit rate  : 8 664 kb/s
    Width  : 1 920 pixels
    Height  : 1 080 pixels
    Display aspect ratio  : 16:9
    Frame rate mode  : Variable
    Frame rate  : 50.000 FPS
    Original frame rate  : 25.000 FPS
    Standard  : Component
    Color space  : YUV
    Chroma subsampling  : 4:2:0
    Bit depth  : 8 bits
    Scan type  : Interlaced
    Scan type, store method  : Separated fields
    Scan order  : Top Field First
    Bits/(Pixel*Frame)  : 0.084
    Stream size  : 2.66 GiB (98%)
    Default  : Yes
    Forced  : No
    Color range  : Limited
    Color primaries  : BT.709
    Transfer characteristics  : BT.709
    Matrix coefficients  : BT.709
    ID  : 2
    Format  : MPEG Audio
    Format version  : Version 1
    Format profile  : Layer 2
    Codec ID  : A_MPEG/L2
    Codec ID/Hint  : MP2
    Duration  : 43 min 57 s
    Bit rate mode  : Constant
    Bit rate  : 192 kb/s
    Channel(s)  : 2 channels
    Sampling rate  : 48.0 kHz
    Frame rate  : 41.667 FPS (1152 SPF)
    Compression mode  : Lossy
    Stream size  : 60.4 MiB (2%)
    Language  : English
    Default  : Yes
    Forced  : No
    ID  : 3
    Format  : UTF-8
    Codec ID  : S_TEXT/UTF8
    Codec ID/Info  : UTF-8 Plain Text
    Duration  : 43 min 54 s
    Bit rate  : 45 b/s
    Count of elements  : 396
    Stream size  : 14.7 KiB (0%)
    Language  : English
    Default  : Yes
    Forced  : No




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