[Tâm lý] The Dog Who Eats Shadows 2018 HDRip x H264 ~ 그림자 먹는 개 | Seo Kap-sook (서갑숙), Kim Nam-oh (김남오

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    The Dog Who Eats Shadows 2018 HDRip x H264

    그림자 먹는 개

    (Seo Kap-sook (서갑숙), Kim Nam-oh (김남오))


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    Na-mo is an installation artist in Beijing until one day he collapses of a cerebral infarction. In the short moment of his collapse, Na-mo sees Gap-sook who he married when he was 20.

    Ever since they parted 30 years ago, they never once reached out or even thought of each other. For the next two years Na-mo goes through physical therapy and is able to walk with a limp. When he returns to his workshop, he's offered an exhibit in Jeju by Joon-heon who he's known since he was 20. He sends part of his work to Jeju and remains to complete his work when his wife tells him she's leaving him. Na-mo is devastated, but remembers seeing Gap-sook in his thoughts and heads to Jeju Island with his passport.



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