[Fshare] VA - Jazz And Beatles (2012) [FLAC] {Jazz, 2CDs}

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    VA - Jazz And Beatles (2012) [FLAC] - 2CDs


    Disc 1
    01. Day Tripper (Jazzystics & Deborah Dixon)
    02. Here Comes The Sun (Sarah Menescal)
    03. Yesterday (Betty Says)

    04. Honey Pie (The Brian J. White Quartet)

    05. Oh! Darling (The Cooltrane Quartet)
    06. A Hard Day's Night (Deborah Dixon & Les Crossaders)
    07. Something (Scubba & Sarah Menescal)
    08. Blackbird (Eve St. Jones)
    09. Let It Be (James Farrelli)
    10. Come Together (48th St. Collective)
    11. All You Need Is Love (Jamie Lancaster)
    12. Hey Jude (Renauld & George White Group)

    Disc 2
    01. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Apollinare Rossi)
    02. She Loves You (Deborah Dixon & Les Crossaders)
    03. Can't Buy Me Love (Stella Starlight Trio & Lizette)
    04. Penny Lane (The Brian J. White Quartet)
    05. Revolution (Celso Mendes & Lua)
    06. I Feel Fine (48th St. Collective)
    07. Paperback Writer (Mandy Jones)
    08. Ticket To Ride (Scubba & Sarah Menescal)
    09. Get Back (Jazzystics & Deborah Dixon)
    10. The Long And Winding Road (Les Crossaders & Julie Benson)
    11. In My Life (Sarah Menescal)
    12. I Want To Hold Your Hand (Francis Trevor & Michelle Simonal)

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