[Fshare] VA - Jazz And Essentials (2011) [FLAC] {Jazz, 2CDs}

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    VA - Jazz And Essentials (2011) [FLAC] - 2CDs


    Disc 1
    01. Have You Ever Seen The Rain (Karen Souza)
    02. A Hard Day's Night (Deborah Dixon & Les Crossaders)
    03. 99 Red Balloons (48th St. Collective)

    04. Creep (Karen Souza)

    05. Test Me (Von Mondo)
    06. Let It Be (James Farrelli)
    07. Da Ya Think I'm Sexy (Cassandra Beck)
    08. Lost Weekend (Sixth Finger)
    09. Yesterday (Betty Says)
    10. Shining Pearl (Leo Portela & Dew)
    11. Honey Pie (The Brian J. White Quartet)
    12. Momentum (Von Mondo)
    13. True (Jamie Lancaster)
    14. Time (Stella Starlight Trio)
    15. Rat In My Kitchen (48th St. Collective)
    16. Come Together (48th St. Collective)
    17. Breakout (Eve St. Jones)
    18. Shattered Dreams (Urselle)
    19. You've Got A Friend (George White Group)
    20. Space Cowboy (Eve St. Jones)
    21. Material Girl (Cassandra Beck)
    22. To Love Us (Von Mondo)
    23. Smells Like Teen Spirit (Ituana)
    24. Don't You (Forget About Me) (Stella Starlight Trio)
    25. Hey Jude (Renauld & George White Group)

    Disc 2
    01. Bette Davis Eyes (Jazzystics & Karen Souza)
    02. Hungry Like The Wolf (Dinah Eastwood)
    03. Wake Up And Make Love With Me (Renauld & Karen Souza)
    04. Don't You Want Me (Stella Starlight Trio)
    05. Billie Jean (Jamie Lancaster & Karen Souza)
    06. Something (Scubba feat. Sarah Menescal)
    07. Skin Trade (Anakelly)
    08. It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over (Jamie Lancaster)
    09. Black Hole Sun (Stella Starlight Trio)
    10. Take On Me (Eve St. Jones)
    11. Noon Hour Blues (Index)
    12. Wonderwall (The Cooltrane Quartet)
    13. Sand And The Sea (Bristol Love)
    14. Jump (Cassandra Beck)
    15. Tainted Love (Stella Starlight Trio)
    16. Should I Stay Or Should I Go (The Cooltrane Quartet)
    17. Oh! Darling (The Cooltrane Quartet)
    18. New Year's Day (Karen Souza)
    19. Purple Rain (Urselle)
    20. Gypsy Woman (She's Homeless) (George White Group)
    21. Personal Jesus (Jazzystics & Karen Souza)
    22. Some Like It Hot (The Cooltrane Quartet)
    23. With Or Without You (Michelle Simonal)
    24. Slow Scat (Von Mondo)
    25. Fly With Me (Apollinare Rossi)

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