[Fshare] Boyzone - Back again... No matter what (2008) [Bluray]

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    Boyzone - Back again... No matter what (2008)

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    Boyzone - Back Again...No Matter What (Live from Manchester) [2008] DVDRip
    The Irish boy band all grown up and reunited for their 2008 tour where they performed their greatest hits, as well as a selection of Michael Jackson numbers, to their still adoring army of fans.

    Year of manufacture: 2008

    Country: UK
    Genre: Pop
    Duration: 1:53:46
    Quality: Bluray
    Format: M2TS
    01. Boyzone Landing (Intro)
    02. Picture Of You
    03. One Kiss At A Time
    04. Isn't It A Wonder
    05. All That I Need
    06. And I
    07. Words
    08. Father & Son
    09. Love Me For A Reason
    10. Bright Eyes
    11. I Want You Back
    12. Don't Stop (Till You Get Enough)
    13. Billi jean
    14. Bad
    15. The Way You Make Me Feel
    16. Black Or White
    17. When You Say Nothing At All
    18. Call On Me
    19. When The Going Gets Tough
    20. Baby Can I Hold You
    21. You Needed Me
    22. I Love The Way You Love Me
    23. I Can't Stop Thinking About You
    24. Life Is A Rollercoaster
    25. Ole...
    26. Beat Boy (Bodhran Solo)
    27. A Different Beat
    28. No Mattter What
    29. Melting Pot
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