7 Days To Die v 17 4 (2013) Pioneer PC

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    7 Days To Die [v 17.4] (2013) PC | Pioneer repack |Size: 2.93 GB
    Release date: 2013
    Genre: Action , Adventure, Indie , RPG, Simulator
    Developer / Publisher: The Fun Pimps
    Interface language: Russian, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Chinese ( .), Swedish

    Voice Language: English

    Publication Type: RePack
    Version: 17.4 (b4)
    Tablet: Sewn (SSE)

    In 2034 there was a nuclear war, which virtually destroyed the Earth and all of humanity. Those who survived, he was infected with a deadly virus from which they die within seven days and are revived by terrible zombies. No one believed anymore, no one expected it to be stopped. But, here, there is hope and this hope is you. The main character of the game is possibly the only survivor on this planet. Your name means the monster killer, and you will kill more often than there is. You need to collect the last strength and overcome the virus. You probably already understand why The Fun Pimps called the game "7 Days to die." The game will represent the open world sandbox and take the best elements of FPS, RPG, Survival Horror and Tower Defense. The developers recently showed the first trailer of the game, which is quite pleased with our community.

    Game features:
    The game has craft, cooking, forging, agriculture, as well as the laws of physics, so you should always bear in mind that when digging mines, they can just kill you with a collapse. It is worth noting such an important thing as buffs and debuffs. Here we have a wide range of all sorts of effects, such as dysentery or infection, which will have to be treated, otherwise you can simply fold the skates. Weapons and objects tend to break, so running with a single pistol or bat will never end up breaking and breaking. Either repair, or do a new, here it is up to you.
    Opponents in the game are also different, except for zombies there are hornets (flying opponents) and dogs. Zombies here are not of the same type, there are both normal and fatty ones, which, in addition to their size and hp, have the ability to explode.
    The game also has character customization.
    The construction system in the game is quite interesting, here you have to try to make a good base. To make a stone / concrete wall, you first need to make a frame, and only then improve it to the end.

    Features of repack
    Version of the game - 17.4 (from 06/01/2019)
    Do not cut
    None recoded
    Network game opportunity
    Russian language

    How to enable RUSSIAN LANGUAGE
    After installing the game, open the folder with the game, run the file 7dtd-173-Rus.exe and wait for the activation to complete.

    System Requirements:
    ☑ Operating system: WindowsXP (Service Pack 3) (x64)
    ☑ Processor: 2.4 Ghz Dual Core
    ☑ RAM: 4 GB of RAM
    ☑ Graphics accelerator: with 512MB of video memory
    ☑ Free HDD space: 1 GB


    #1 +2 CR

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